A Liberty Mutual Review

Businesses and Individuals alike need a good insurance provider on their side in case of an unexpected and unfortunate event. The insurance that individuals and businesses need is somewhat different, but there are many insurance companies in the United States that offer both commercial insurance lines and personal insurance lines. This Liberty Mutual review will help you determine if Liberty Mutual is a good choice for your insurance needs or if your insurance needs would be better suited by a different insurance provider.

Liberty Mutual Review – Worldwide Insurance Giant

Started in 1912 and originally known as the Massachusetts Employee’s Insurance Association, or MEIA, the company we now know as Liberty Mutual has grown at an incredible rate. The name was changed to Liberty Mutual in 1917, five years after their start in Boston, Massachusetts. They are now among the largest insurance providers for property and casualty coverage in the United States; the third largest to be more precise. Their company’s headquarters is still located in Boston, Massachusetts, but Liberty Mutual Insurance is available all over the United States and they offer a wide range of insurance products for individuals and for businesses.

The types of insurance offered by Liberty Mutual for individuals include automobile insurance and motorcycle insurance for vehicles. Life insurance options are available and include term life insurance, permanent life insurance and annuities. For the home or property, Liberty Mutual offers home owner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, condominium insurance, mobile home insurance and flood insurance. Protection for an individual’s financial future is not left out either. Liberty Mutual offers excess personal liability insurance or umbrella insurance and identity theft expense coverage.

Businesses can obtain insurance policies through Liberty Mutual as well. They offer a wide variety of insurance types and policies to cover just about any business’s needs regardless of the size of the company. Some of the insurance products offered for businesses are commercial automobile and fleet insurance, general liability insurance, umbrella and excess liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance and commercial property insurance to name a few.

Liberty Mutual Complaints

Liberty Mutual Complaints do exist, although there are not an excessive number of them out there. The all too common customer service complaints that occur with most insurance companies are present in the mix. Other Liberty Mutual complaints identify an issue with correspondence with the company, stating that their response to an email or time taken to make a return phone call is unsatisfactory. There are complaints about the claims taking a long time to be processed as well.

Liberty Mutual Quotes

Obtaining Liberty Mutual quotes is a fairly easy process. You have the option to get Liberty Mutual quotes online at their website, www.libertymutualgroup.com, using their online quote tool. You can also call them using their toll-free phone number, 1-800-786-1850, and speak to a representative about getting your Liberty Mutual quotes. A local insurance agent can get you a quote for a Liberty Mutual policy as well. If you are not sure which insurance agents in your area represent Liberty Mutual, there is a tool on their website that will locate them for you using your zip code.

Federated Mutual Insurance Company Review

Insurance coverage is important for both businesses and individuals. While the majority of the insurance companies in the United States specialize in personal insurance but also offer business insurance, there are a few companies that specialize in business insurance but also offer limited personal insurance products as well. This Federated Mutual Insurance Company review will help you decide if they might be the best insurance company for your needs. They specialize in business insurance, but also offer a few personal insurance options to residents of Minnesota as well.

Federated Mutual Insurance Company Review – Business Insurance Specialist

Federated Mutual Insurance Company was started in Minnesota by a group of business owners in 1904. Their headquarters is still located in Minnesota, currently in the city of Owatonna. Their company only offers personal insurance lines in Minnesota, but their business insurance products are available in forty-eight states and Washington, DC.

The personal insurance products offered by Federated Mutual Insurance Company are the most common and popular types of insurance. Those options include automobile insurance, home owner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, and personal umbrella insurance. While these are the only personal insurance products offered by Federated Mutual Insurance Company, they are also the insurance products that are most commonly needed by individuals.

Federated Mutual Insurance Company’s specialty is business insurance, and they offer a wide variety of insurance products that are specifically designed for certain types of businesses. The businesses that they have created special insurance products for include automobile service centers, cabinet and custom woodworking shops, electrical contractors, building material dealers and wholesalers, plumbing contractors, HVAC contractors, water conditioning contractors, refrigeration contractors, sheet metal contractors, agricultural equipment dealers, dairy equipment dealers, construction equipment dealers, lawn and garden equipment dealers, franchised automobile and truck dealers, jewelry retailers, motorcycle dealers, funeral services, machine and tooling shops, petroleum transportation businesses, petroleum marketers and convenience stores, printing companies, automobile parts retailers, hardware retailers, farm and home supply retailers, tire dealers, beverage wholesalers, electrical wholesalers, HVAC wholesalers, plumbing wholesalers, and office supply distributors to name a few.

Federated Mutual Insurance Company also offers a few other types of insurance. They offer life insurance policies for businesses and individuals. They also offer group health insurance to help companies save their employees money on their insurance costs and various risk management products.

Federated Mutual Insurance Company Complaints

There are some Federated Mutual Insurance Company complaints that have been taken to court regarding claims that were not paid. After a little more investigation into the complaints that made it to court, most of the claims that were not paid were due to negligence. Anyone who has been hit with a law suit but was found to have been negligent is not going to be covered by their liability insurance. Liability insurance covers individuals and businesses from liability issues that were beyond their control, not from incidents that were preventable and proven to be the result of a negligent party.

Federated Mutual Insurance Company Quotes

You can get Federated Mutual Insurance Company quotes for personal insurance lines by emailing the company for a quote through the link on their website or by calling their toll free number, 1-888-507-3030, Monday through Friday between eight in the morning and five in the evening Central time. Federated Mutual Insurance Company quotes for business insurance lines are able to be obtained by emailing the company using the link on their website in the “Contact Us” section, by calling their toll free phone number for business insurance, 1-888-333-4949, Monday through Friday between seven in the morning and six in the evening Central time, or by contacting your local Federated Representative. You can locate your local Federated Representative using a link on their website, www.federatedinsurance.com.

State Farm vs Farmers

When looking for insurance companies you need to make good comparisons. You need to find out what companies offer in the way of discounts and other perks.

If you are doing an insurance comparison such as State Farm vs Farmers Insurance Group to fit your insurance needs, both companies are a very reputable with many years of service to the public. State Farm offers automobile, home, and life insurance. They have investment plans and their own banking system, and loan department.

The type of coverage you choose through State Farm determines how much your premium will cost. And, it depends on the year, make and model of your car. If you have an expensive car then the premiums will be higher.

As with any insurance company, if you live in the city then you may pay a higher rate then a rural resident, because of a supposedly higher crime rate, possibly more tickets are issued and there is the possibility of more automobile accidents. People who drive their car for pleasure as opposed to using their car for business or work will pay a lower cost.

At State Farm, young single males under the age of 25 will pay a higher rate. Credit histories are reviewed at State Farm because they feel that a credit report says a lot about the insured. State Farm feels that it tells them how well you will pay your premiums and how competent a driver you will be. Stay accident free for five years and you will pay a lower insurance rate.

State Farm will offer insurance discounts in several areas such as multiple vehicles, grouped coverage such as home and autos, new vehicles, anti theft devices, good student, good driver, drivers training program and defensive driving discounts. Anyone willing to participate in a review program to refresh their driving skills will get a discount through State Farm. State Farm Insurance says that you can save up to 40% on your insurance with them, using their discount double-check program.

Farmers Insurance Group will insure your automobile, home, business motorcycle, RV, and they offer life insurance. They offer financial solutions such as annuities, universal life insurances, 401K’s, rollovers, traditional and Roth IRA’s. They can help you with college savings plans. Credit report checks are not mentioned as part of their process in writing insurance policies, so this issue is not clear.

An interesting thing with Farmers is that they offer a driver’s education program for the teenagers in your family to enhance driver safety. Farmers feel that this is a good way to educate the younger driver. It will also help to lower your insurance premiums.

Farmers will also give everyone a course in basic first aid if they want it, and will teach what to do in the event of someone needing emergency medical treatment until professionals arrive.

Allstate vs State Farm

Allstate vs State Farm is an interesting insurance company comparison. Both insurers are huge and offer great rates to their policy holders. Indeed, buying coverage from either company brings several customer benefits. Flexibility in choosing payment dates, coverage amounts that can be adjusted and adding coverage for other areas of life to receive a discount on the cost of insurance.

Both insurers offer auto, home owner’s and renter’s insurance, boat, motorcycle and life insurance. You can choose to have a single type of coverage or choose to bundle your coverage for your home owner’s and auto and save money. Allstate even offers retirement funding, college savings and supplemental health insurance.

State Farm was started in 1922 and currently it is ranked number 34 among Fortune 500 companies. It also has the largest number of clients offering them five lines of products and over 100 products and services. The “good neighbor”, State Farm currently has approximately 71.6 million policies in the United States and Canada. It is the largest insurer in the United States and one of the largest insurers in Canada.

In contrast, Allstate began offering insurance in 1931 and was originally owned by Sears, Roebuck & Company. In 1993 it became an independent company. Allstate is the number two insurer currently in the United States. They also offer insurance in Canada. Allstate’s “good hands” control 18% of the auto policies in the U.S.

Allstate vs State Farm both have allegations of improper handling of claims as should be expected with behemoth companies. Their sheer size would naturally expose them to attempts to deceptive and falsified claims. Allstate’s reputation was challenged after the Hurricane Andrew disaster in Florida in 1992. This resulted in an $825 million loss for Allstate. Allstate’s response to the loss was to not renew 300,000 Florida properties in high risk areas. This move precipitated Florida legislation which protected Florida homeowners and insurers from devastating losses suffered during disasters. Allstate was then able to renew 97% of its Florida policies.

Following the Florida hurricane disaster, California suffered a devastating earthquake. Northridge, California experienced an earthquake which resulted in claims of up to $1billion. Allstate was greatly affected by these claims. Again, Allstate attempted to stop writing policies in California. California responded by developing the state Earthquake authority to help pay for disaster costs in the wake of an earthquake.

State Farm has been embroiled in more class action suits than any insurer since Prudential in the ’90′s. Utah’s state appeals court found the insurer guilty of the destruction of client documents and awarded the plaintiffs $25 million in punitive damages. In 1999, the company paid out $1,186 billion for misleading customers about the quality of replacement parts used to repair vehicles. Another class action suit resulted in a payout of $200 million in punitive damages for misleading life insurance policy owners.

State Farm still has a good reputation which is evidenced by a renewal rate of 96% compared to an industry average of only 92.5%. This allegiance indicates that the majority of State Farm’s policy holders are content with their coverage and treatment. While Allstate is a different company with different client experiences, the same is true for their customer loyalty, plus Allstate incorporates systematic customer feedback management to stay in touch with its customer’s opinions of how they are being treated. This gives them the ability to make constant adjustments to their customer service, product line and sales process. To date with all the challenges they both have weathered, they are still the two best insurance carriers we have in the United States.

Progressive vs Geico

Two of the more popular names in auto insurance today are Progressive and Geico. Each company insures millions of drivers and ranks in the top three insurance companies of 2010. In the Geico vs Progressive battle, which company is actually the better of the two? Who has better rates, and who has the best response time on claims?

Progressive vs Geico – Cost
Many people base their insurance choice on premium costs alone. A quote comparison between the two companies was done using the same personal information for each. Progressive’s six month premium was approximately 11% higher than that of Geico.

Perhaps Geico’s lower rate can be attributed to the discounts they give off the top of their premiums. They include good driving, driving experience, and financial responsibility, which are based on credit score.

Although Progressive does not offer these discounts they have recently introduced a first of its kind program called “Snapshot”. It is actually a small device that plugs into your car’s USB port keeping track of mileage, time of day car is driven, braking, and acceleration activity. All of this information is used to build an accurate driver profile, and depending on the information gathered, a discount of 0-30% will be given.

When making a choice between Geico and Progressive repair and response time is another crucial factor to be taken into consideration. Everyone purchases car insurance hoping to never need it. In the case that one does, it is very important that claims are handled quickly, efficiently, and courteously.

Progressive employs Immediate Response Vehicles for expediting the processing of claims. These claims adjusters actually go to the car and perform the necessary inspection on site thereby avoiding any further disruption of policy holders lives. They also utilize what they refer to as “Concierge Level of Claims Service. These are one stop facilities where a damaged auto can be taken, an estimate done, repair work completed, and rental car procured, all under one roof, thereby greatly reducing stress levels as well as time spent.

Geico is known for their rapid resolution when it comes to automobile claims. Similar to the Concierge concept that Progressive employs, Geico has Auto Repair Xpress, which is also everything a customer needs under one roof including estimates, body shop, and rental facilities. Geico also partners with local body shops, towing companies, and rental facilities enabling them to quickly get motorists back on the road, whether in their own automobile, or in a rental. A quick look at their website will tell customers which repair facilities they are affiliated with.

All in all, the question of Geico vs Progressive, who is better, is a hard one to answer. Both have reasonable rates and high service levels. Customer choosing either one will find themselves insured by the best.