GMAC Insurance Review

Most people associate General Motors with the cars and trucks that they make. They actually have a finance company and an insurance company as well. This GMAC Insurance review will help you decide if they may be a good option for some of your insurance needs.

GMAC Insurance Review – General Motors As Your Insurer

GMAC Insurance started as a provider of automobile insurance. Today they offer many other types of insurance products as well. They can be your insurance provider no matter what make or model your vehicle is. In fact, they can also be your insurance provider for much more of your property than you may think.

GMAC Insurance now provides automobile insurance, recreational vehicle insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, collector car insurance, classic car insurance and motorcycle insurance. Their insurance products do not stop at vehicles. They also offer homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, condominium insurance, and even Medicare supplement insurance. As you can see, their products have come a long way since their beginning when they offered only automobile insurance. Some of the insurance products that GMAC Insurance is now offering are made possible through strategic partnerships with other insurance companies.

GMAC Insurance Complaints

GMAC Insurance complaints are not an uncommon thing. Many of their complaints state that the premium payments for the insurance policy went up prior to the end of the policy period. Other complaints include cancelled insurance policies on vehicles without notification to the policy holder. All of the complaints about GMAC Insurance tend to seem as though there may be more to the story than the writer is telling you.

GMAC Insurance Quotes

GMAC Insurance quotes are easily obtained. You have the option to obtain an insurance quote online using the GMAC Insurance website. If you would prefer not to send your personal information over the internet, you can obtain your GMAC Insurance quotes over the phone by calling their toll free phone number, 1-800-462-2123. There is also an option to get your GMAC Insurance quotes face to face by visiting an insurance agent or broker that deals with GMAC Insurance. If you do not know where the nearest insurance agent or broker that deals with GMAC Insurance is, you can use their website to locate the closest one or you can call their toll free phone number to have a representative help you find the closest insurance agent that handles GMAC Insurance products.

Commerce Insurance Group Review

There are many reasons why you may be in the market for a new insurance policy; maybe you purchased a new home, moved into an apartment or condominium, purchased a car, or maybe you are looking for a replacement for your current insurance provider. The reason why you are comparing insurance is not as important as who you are looking at. There are a lot of insurance companies available throughout the United States. One company that stands out in the crowd is the Commerce Insurance Group. This Commerce Insurance Group review will help you determine if they might be the right company for your insurance needs.

Commerce Insurance Group Review – Massachusetts Based Insurance Provider

The Commerce Insurance Group started in 1972 in a Webster, Massachusetts. Originally, the insurance company only offered insurance within the state of Massachusetts. Since their beginning, they have grown quite a bit and now offer insurance in select locations throughout the United States including California, New York, New Hampshire, and Oregon. As a subsidiary of the MAPFRE U.S.A. Corporation, they are also part of a company that offers insurance in many other countries worldwide. In today’s insurance market, they are the largest of the insurance companies that offer personal automobile insurance in the state of Massachusetts.

The insurance products offered by the Commerce Insurance Group are varied. While they do offer business insurance, they offer a much smaller selection of business options than some other insurance providers. When it comes to personal insurance, their selection is much more impressive. The personal insurance products that they offer include automobile insurance, home owner’s insurance, personal umbrella or excess liability insurance, earthquake insurance coverage, flood insurance, identity theft insurance coverage, personal property insurance, liability protection, condominium insurance and renter’s insurance. Obviously they have insurance products to satisfy the insurance needs of most individuals.

Commerce Insurance Group Complaints

Commerce Insurance Group complaints are not unheard of, but the complaints that are out there are usually about some very trivial issues. One complaint that seems to be common is a raise in the premiums on an automobile insurance policy following an accident. Most insurance companies will raise your premium rates if you are involved in an automobile accident and it is pretty well known that this is a common practice in the insurance industry. The other complaint that seems to be prevalent is customers having a slow response time when waiting for a callback or return correspondence from a customer service representative. While this could be very inconvenient, it is understandable that it may take some time to get a response from an insurance company depending on how much research your response will require them to do. In fact, most people would agree that they would rather wait a little longer to get a thorough, accurate response as opposed to getting a brief, slightly accurate response quickly.

Commerce Insurance Group Quotes

You can get Commerce Insurance Group quotes for their insurance products in a few ways. One option is to go to their website,, and complete the questionnaire that is available online. If you would prefer to speak with one of their representatives, you can call their toll free phone number, 1-800-922-8276, where a customer service representative will be able to help you with obtaining the insurance quotes that you need. There is the option to visit a local insurance agent that offers Commerce Insurance Group products. If you need help finding your closest local agent, there is a tool on the website that can help you find the nearest one.

Erie Insurance Group Review

There are insurance providers all over the United States and it really doesn’t matter where the insurance company is located when it comes to whether or not you can get insurance coverage through that company. One particular Pennsylvania based insurance provider is quite the reputable company and is growing regardless of the recession. This Erie Insurance Group review will help you decide if their insurance products might be just what you were looking for.

Erie Insurance Group Review – Pennsylvania Based Insurance Could Work For You

Erie Insurance Group is a Pennsylvania based insurance provider that got its start in 1925 as an automobile insurance provider. Since their start they have grown immensely. Their insurance products are now available in Washington, DC, New York, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, and West Virginia.

Erie Insurance Group now offers much more than just automobile insurance as well. Their insurance products include automobile insurance, home owner’s insurance, mobile home insurance, condominium insurance, renter’s insurance, flood insurance, personal property insurance, boat insurance, identity theft insurance and excess liability or umbrella insurance. They also offer life insurance at Erie Insurance Group. Their life insurance products include term life insurance, whole life insurance and universal life insurance. Erie Insurance Group has not left businesses out of their insurance products. They offer a number of insurance products specifically designed for businesses including commercial property insurance, business liability insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and group life insurance programs.

Erie Insurance Group Complaints

Most Erie Insurance Group complaints tend to involve home owner’s insurance claims. The most common complaint about these types of claims are the amount of time it takes to get a claim paid for and difficulty getting the claim to pay due to the need to gather proof of damage and proof of the condition of the area that was damages prior to the incident. Of course these sound like horrible complaints to have to deal with, but they are very common in the insurance industry. No one is happy when they have to take the time to file a claim because it means that some type of damage to their home has occurred. The people filing claims are very easy to upset because they are already unhappy with the situation at hand.

Erie Insurance Group Quotes

Erie Insurance Group quotes are easily obtained by filling out the questionnaire that they have available on their website at If for some reason you would prefer not to send your personal information over the internet, they do have a toll free phone number that you can call to obtain Erie Insurance Group quotes, 1-800-458-0811. You also have the option to discuss your insurance needs in person with a local agent and obtain your quotes in a more personal, face-to-face setting. If you need help finding the closest insurance agent that handles Erie Insurance Group’s products, there is a tool on their website that can help you find the insurance agent that is closest to you.

Hereford Insurance Company Review

New York City and its metropolitan area have some unique driving conditions and are notorious for having a high rate of automobile accidents. Because of this situation, good automobile insurance is imperative for a New York City driver. The transportation industry in the New York metropolitan area depends on good automobile insurance to keep their various transportation companies open and running. There are a few insurance companies that specialize in covering the unique needs of the transportation industry. This Hereford Insurance Company review will help you decide if they are the right insurance provider for your New York City transportation company’s needs.

Hereford Insurance Company Review – Serving New York And Located In New York

Hereford Insurance Company is headquartered in Long Island City, New York and serves the New York Metropolitan area’s transportation industry by offering quality insurance coverage that is tailored to their unique needs. Their headquarters is located at 36-01 43rd Avenue, 2nd Floor, Long Island City, New York. They offer insurance products that are tailored to meet the needs of the transportation industry in New York and the New York Metropolitan area is the only area where their insurance products are available.

The insurance coverage that they offer comes in a few varieties which are designed to work with certain types of transportation companies including black car services, community car services, luxury limousine services, paratransit services and yellow medallion taxicab businesses. The coverage types that they offer include commercial automobile insurance, commercial liability insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance. They also offer a unique loss control program for business owners.

Hereford Insurance Company Complaints

Hereford Insurance Company complaints do exist. Most of the complaints that are found about Hereford Insurance Company involve unsatisfactory customer service from representatives over the phone. While this type of complaint is not a big deal to some people, others may opt not to use an insurance company that has this type of complaint. While there are complaints about the customer service received from representatives of the company, there are very few that involve the actual work of the company. It seems that the process of filing, processing and paying claims is relatively complaint free when it comes to Hereford Insurance Company.

Hereford Insurance Company Quotes

Hereford Insurance Company quotes need to be obtained through an insurance broker that handles their insurance products and programs. If you need help finding a participating insurance broker, there is a directory on their website, and shows the insurance brokers that handle their insurance products and the location and contact information about those insurance brokers. Questions about the insurance coverage can be directed to Hereford Insurance Company by calling them at 718-361-9191. They also have a fax number that is available, 718-361-6243. Hereford Insurance Company has online payment options for easier premium payments and a section on their website where their policy holders can download printable copies of the paperwork needed to file claims.

Sentry Insurance Review

Decisions about your insurance are important. When you’re comparing insurance, you want to make sure that you have a great insurance provider and that you get the types of insurance plans that you need to properly protect everything from your car and your home to your financial future. Sentry Insurance is a long standing insurance provider with great financial strength and a great reputation. This Sentry Insurance review will help you see if they may be the best option for your insurance needs.
Sentry Insurance Review – Selling Insurance Since 1904

Sentry Insurance is a Wisconsin-based insurance provider. The company was started in Wisconsin in 1904. Originally they only offered insurance to individuals who lived in Wisconsin, but they are now available in many more states. They have also grown when it comes to the products that they offer. Originally, the insurance products that the company offered were extremely limited. Sentry Insurance now offers a wide variety of insurance products for individuals and businesses.

Their individual insurance products include automobile insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat insurance, recreational vehicle insurance, homeowner’s insurance, condominium insurance, renter’s insurance, specialty automobile insurance, and excess liability or umbrella insurance. They also have life insurance options such as term life insurance and whole life insurance. Their insurance products that are available for businesses are varied and are designed for a number of different types of businesses including automobile dealerships, equipment dealerships, recreational vehicle and boat dealerships, distributors, retailers, manufacturers, food processing businesses, metalworking businesses, printing businesses, and transportation businesses to name a few.

Sentry Insurance has been in business for over one hundred years and has used their time well. They have created a very strong insurance company. They have built a very good reputation as well. Their business has even earned an A+ rating from A.M. Best, a well known and well respected independent research company.
Sentry Insurance Complaints

Some of the Sentry Insurance complaints that have been reported by customers seem to be very serious without a closer look. It is important to look very closely at complaints about an insurance company before making your own judgment about them. Some of the Sentry Insurance complaints note that the company failed to pay valid claims. While this claim sounds very official because they are stating that it was a valid claim, the truth is that the insurance company obviously had some reason for believing that the claim was not valid at all or they would have paid it. Insurance companies are governed by very strict regulations and laws. They cannot just choose which claims they will or will not pay. They must have specific reasons and proof to back up those reasons or they could be prosecuted. Therefore, always remember that unless you see specific court documentation about the company being charged for such an offense, than you probably should not buy into everything that you read without researching it further.
Sentry Insurance Quotes

You can obtain Sentry Insurance quotes easily and quickly by using the online quote tool available on their website at They also have a toll free phone number, 1-800-227-0201, where you will be able to reach a customer service representative from their company. If you would prefer to get your Sentry Insurance quotes in person, you can visit your local insurance agent. If you need help finding a local insurance agent who deals with Sentry Insurance products, than you can use the agent locator tool available online at their website.