Student travel insurance policy covers you from health related risks abroad

If you plan to go abroad for your studies, it is important to get yourself covered by students travel insurance. An unforeseen emergency may require you to foot huge bills. The right kind of insurance cover secures you from any such calamity in a foreign land. But before you go in for travel insurance, have a good look at the activities for which you can get coverage. 24/7 travel insurance covers 70 activities. This includes coverage for adventure sports like hike, scuba dive or bungee jump.

Start by enquiring about risks associated with your destination from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. They can provide you with essential travel advice and up to date country-specific information. All this will enlighten you on the kind of coverage you need during your stay in the country.

Do not choose your student travel insurance policy by its cost. Take your needs more into account. Always buy a policy that will cover you for the entire duration of your trip and for each country you plan on visit. This is essential if you’re going on an around the world adventure or a gap year. It is good if you even get coverage for baggage and other possessions.

In case you meet with an emergency get in touch with Student Travel Insurance Emergency Medical Assistance. If you incur expenses for an emergency, keep receipts ready to justify the need for that expenditure. They are vital documents for a reimbursement claim.

Backpacker travel insurance policy provides peace of mind to both students and parents.

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