Working Together: Phoenix Pest Control

When you hire a company such as pest control Phoenix to help you with pest issues in your home they will do their best to eliminate these crawly creatures. These are professionals that understand the habits, traits and behaviors of pest. Phoenix pest control also asks that the homeowners do their part in practicing simple effective routines that will help keep the bugs away. The elimination of food sources is one way of keeping bugs away but also keeping any vegetation trimmed away from walls of your home. These dark and secluded areas are great place for bees to create a beehive as well as other pest to use as a safe hiding place.

Termite Damage: Raleigh Pest Control

Termites do thousands of dollars worth of damage to homes in the area every year, and the warmer weather of spring is a favorite time for termites to swarm. You may not see an actual swarm, but that’s not to say your home doesn’t have termites. Termites can chew through floors, carpeting, and walls, and the damage is mostly likely not covered by your homeowner’s insurance. If you don’t have regularly scheduled termite inspections, now would be a good time to start. A great service offered by pest control Raleigh is their free termite inspection. A Raleigh pest control technician can help you rest assured that these little destroyers are not infesting your home.

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